About the Book

Dr. Camden Hill works at a secret, government-funded facility in the Colorado Hills along with the top scientific minds in the world. As he navigates his way through a life of personal and family tragedies Camden comes face to face with the biggest tragedy of all.

Camden’s team is tasked with solving the worlds greatest problems; interstellar travel, planetary colonization, teleportation, and time travel, to name a few. But the day of their greatest achievement–successfully opening a portal to the future–is also the day of their most tragic discovery: the end of the world.

At some unknown date in the future, all life ceases to exist.

Camden and his team races against the clock to find out how and when the world comes to an end, and to learn how to prevent it from ever happening.

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A Crossed Time is a trilogy of sci-fi/time-travel adventure novels set in present-day earth. I am currently working on the first volume: Devastation.

This site will chronicle my journey as a first-time writer. I will publish some of my thoughts, experiences, and chapters in progress.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me and that you fall in love with the characters and the story, just as I have.